Friday, May 6, 2011

Self Love & Respect

 I apologize that I didn't post on Wednesday like I stated but life happens. So I'm here now...doesn't that count? lol Okay, moving on....I recently just finished my book How To Get Out Of Your Own Way by the wonderful and handsome Tyrese Gibson. I have to say that this book is my favorite of them all. I suggest that the men in my life read this book and when my nephew become of age, I'm going to have him read it. I learned so much and grew mentally from this book. I know it will touch so many people, like it did for me. This book was published right on time because I just started my Self Love & Respect Journey not too long ago. Here's a few questions that people might have about my journey...

What inspired me to do this journey?
I wasn't happy with the way I let people treat me, thought about myself and how I treated others. For instance, I would let my "friends" use me. I didn't know it at the time but I learned later as I grew older but I never confronted them on it. So those "friends" are either no longer in my life or they are distant. The way I treat others is nothing serious like I bad mouth them or something extreme. I just have to communicate just a little more with people.

What is some of the things I do for this journey?
  • Well, the most important of them all is...I pray daily. Those are the moments when I am tranquil because I am having a conversation with the Lord. I am a private person and when I need to get emotions off my chest, I converse with God and he leads me to the right direction. 
  • I reflect and see what's and who's positive and negative towards my life. The things and people who were negative I let go. For example, deleted numbers out my phone and deleted all networking accounts. ( If your are not adding to my life your subtracting from Tyrese Gibson)
  • I read a lot of self help books. Reading has helped me tremendously on my ways of thinking. 
  • I'm doing a lot of things for myself..taking better care of myself. I pamper myself, dress up a little more, taking better care of my hair/skin, exercising and TRYING to eat healthier!
  •  Organizing my life..but looking around my room is a mess and my agenda needs to be updated...on top of other things. So that's something I'm still working on improving. ; ) lol
  •  I keep a positive all times. For example, keeping my comments to myself. It's not cool to be mean. You never know what that person is going through. BE NICE! SHOUTOUT TO BRITTNEYNGRAY ON YOUTUBE! Thank you for that well needed video..SUBSCRIBE!
  • I watch YouTube! It's sooooooo much you learn about people and how to do anything. I'm addicted to YouTube. lbs
 What am I'm looking to achieve with this journey? Any success?
I'm looking to achieve self love and respect within myself. I want to be more aware of my needs and what I want out of this world, my relationships, career and my life in general. I want to be more confident whether it's in my decisions or confidence in the skin I'm in. I have had success because I see improvements in my actions. I'm not perfect though. I'm still taking this journey one day at a time.

Well I feel like I talked entirely too much just for three questions! lol But thank you for reading my loves and I hope I helped someone out there by reading my blog. COME AND JOIN THE SELF LOVE & RESPECT JOURNEY WITH ME!!! = )
I'll see you next Wednesday I PROMISE!!!! I always keep my promises.


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